Go! Workshop series

May 2016 came with many needs…

End of semester -Coursework.

Vacation  – 1st trip back home since starting university.

I needed to work on presentation and public speaking skills before taking on a role as BPP Student Mooting Coordinator – Waterloo.

While home, I planned to speak to Grade Sixers at my past Primary School on the pursuit of higher education. I have the unique experience of receiving a scholarship to pursue a Law degree at BPP University after my fifth attempt. This allowed me the ability to know just how daunting the experience can be.


So I had an idea! Why stop at Grace Combined School? Why not host a series of workshops? Even further, why not incorporate the encouragement and the teaching of these skills. In that way, I would engage the application of those skills in the most practical way by learning through teaching.

So with one week left before my flight to St. Lucia, I started planning and requesting sponsorship. Thankfully, everything went according to plan and Go! Workshop series debuted on Saturday May 14 2016.

Go! flyer

And a success it was! The attendees, representing Children’s Literacy Action Support and GOD’s Trumpet To The Nations Ministry, expressed their expectations were greatly exceeded and the encouragement was quite timely.



best team.jpg

The last workshop ended at Grace Combined School on May 17. The opportunity to have engaged these young minds will never be forgotten. Thank you to the principal and staff.

So grateful to BPP University and LexisNexis for believing in me and sponsoring the events.


Special thanks to Rebecca Morgan – http://lawyerinthemaking.co.uk/ – for all the great advice and tips!

Also to Chermaline Gabriel who assisted me in preparing and was my co-host at every event. Her teaching experience was especially helpful at Grace Combined School.



Finally special thanks to fellow students, Rajiv Lennie and Kadidra Charles for giving their testimonials.

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12 thoughts on “Go! Workshop series

  1. Wow! Interesting to Know. Lots of people take for granted how much preparation goes into events like these. I look forward to you other workshops.Great read.

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  2. I pray for you everyday and I believe that you will be a success…every step…higher and higher…you will move from glory to glory…God be with you…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This was a great workshop! It was very informative and encouraging, the testimonials, even more inspiring. Certainly, exceeded expectations. A part 2 maybe?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This was a very thoughtful and creative idea. It speaks volumes that you are able to take your knowledge and experiences beyond your classroom to the classrooms of others. Thank you for being a leader to our generation.

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