Summer laughs! | Strange laws?

As the heat finally peaked in the UK, sleeveless in London, finally…, I read this story in the paper and thought it would be fun to do a piece highlighting some strange or funny laws around the world. Or shall we simply call them interesting?

These are the laws. Have fun looking up the reasons they exist…

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  1. In Iceland you must choose your child’s name from a fixed list, the Personal Names Register. The girl named ‘Girl’. 
  2. In Switzerland, you should not wash your car on a Sunday.
  3. In Rhode Island, a union can be considered invalid under the grounds that the party is deemed to be, collectively, an idiot or a lunatic.
  4. In Germany you should not run out of gas on the highway.
  5. In the Philippines divorce is illegal and you can also get arrested for ‘unjust vexation’.
  6. In Thailand it is illegal to step on money.
  7. In China children must visit their parents often and tend to their spiritual needs.‘I can’t today, I’m visiting parents’. This one might seem less strange coming after China’s one-child policy (now changed). ‘You can now have two children’.
  8. In South Carolina there can be no fake proposals. If you are over 16 you better mean it or face the consequences.
  9. In Singapore there is a ban on chewing gum and spitting. The UK so needs this ban on spitting (serious face).
  10. In Sweden it is illegal to be found buying the services of a prostitute, even though prostitution is legal. ‘Don’t make eye contact but I choose you, yes, in the red skirt’.

While the rest of the world is dealing with the right to bear arms and whether men with sexually transmitted diseases should be allowed to exercise their religious rights to sleep with children, it might be quite a healthy and welcoming break to deal with such offenses.

Perhaps not? Share your thoughts below.

What are some of the strange laws that you have come across?

Please note this is not to be taken as legal advice.

Thank you for reading and do remember to subscribe and share!






3 thoughts on “Summer laughs! | Strange laws?

  1. It just reminds me that earthly law is volatile and always subject to change. Earthly law isnt always right because it was created by man. As a christian, our biblical law should always be put above earthly law.

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