Tis’ the season for late nights, lots of regret (if you slacked off all semester), wishful thinking (of an extra month to study) and coffee, coffee, coffee.

I just wanted to check in and say keep fighting, keep studying, the grades you desire are attainable!

Hopefully you would have experimented with different techniques throughout the term and know what works for you.


  1. It’s not too late to ask for help. Email a tutor, call a friend or not-so-much-friend but they can help.
  2. Take a break. Go for a walk or call someone who can make you laugh or think of roses and butterflies (rolling my eyes but yeah that too!)
  3. Sleep is still very important. There is no point to studying if you don’t remember anything during the exam.

Just want to say that my tutors are awesome and keep revision interesting! #BPPLawSchool #LandLaw #FreeholdCovenants #Keep it very real!


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Please note that the content here is NOT to be taken as legal advice.


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