Today … I danced!

So I have had this post (with only a heading) in draft forever.

See I have wanted to start dancing professionally for quite a while but been unable due to the financial commitment attached (student budget – yikes!).

Well  … today I danced.

And then, I danced some more. I cannot remember the names of the moves except the Cuban  chicken – I think – ; I was too busy having fun.


I moved my hips all the way to the right & the left | then the shoulders | laughed | exhaled | released stress | all for free!

Ok I’ll stop now. Thanks BPP Salsa team!

Do join a Student Society, meet someone new, do something new. On that note I have recently been appointed as the President of the BPP African & Caribbean Society and have some exciting plans for the student body. If you are a student, head over to the vle and sign up.

Please remember to subscribe and leave your comments. If you experience any issues in subscribing, simply leave your email in a comment and I will send you a personal invitation!


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