Another Saturday – Another Law Fair!

Last night my fiance asked me if it was now a Saturday routine to attend law fairs; I hadn’t noticed till then that it was so bad.

The real reason I  give up my only’sleep-in day’ of the week was beautifully captured on the give-away bags today.


TargetJobs Law National Pupillage Fair

So the fair was held at Gray’s Inn today and included informative talks throughout the day. Various Chambers hosted exhibition stands where students got to speak to Members, including Barristers and Pupils, on exactly what their set requires of applicants.

It really is an understatement to say that you just cannot do enough of these events!

However the extra special bit today – for me anyway- was that BPP hosted an interviewing workshop.

James Welsh who is not only the ‘Director of Programmes’ for the BPP Law School’s Bar Professional Training Course but has been engaged on many recruitment committees, took us through the top three ‘Building Blocks of Application’.

  • Awareness of the role – demonstrated through work experience and knowledge of chambers.
  • Aptitude for the role – demonstrated by being clever, ability to be logical, commercial awareness and resilience.
  • Someone to share space with – long & short of it is do you have a personality or simply going to provide cliche answers to everything asked.

So then we got to represent Jack in an Occupiers’ Liability case. Apparently when Jack fell down the hill and broke his head, he brought proceedings against the owners of the property #Tort Law.

Jack& Jill – yes the nursery rhyme!


I have said this before but I always love meeting new legal minds from all over the UK at law fairs.

#teamBPTC #allthingsLaw

And on my way home, the day knew I needed a little love and blessed me with this gorgeous sunset to remind me of my simply beautiful St. Lucia and offer hopes of vacation (the picture quality is not the best).


Thank you for reading. Share your thoughts, leave your questions below. Were you there today – what was your favorite part of the day? And if you have not subscribed yet – what are you waiting for? 珞

The views here are my personal opinion – with the exception of content from the workshop. This post is not be taken as legal advice.

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