Black History – In One Month?

I promised to do this post such a long time ago.

It is an area of great contention that the celebration or acknowledgement of black history in one month seems to state that black persons only became significant after all these atrocious acts – the slave trade and its after effects.

However the existence of the celebrations highlights so many persons who have played major roles in society whether in the abolition of slavery or otherwise. It is truly a time where many people are made aware of history that is buried or not highlighted as it should be.

That being said, my university has a Society, BPP African and Caribbean Society. This provides another area of discussion as many question the reason the two nationalities were put together under one umbrella. As a West Indian I understand the questioning as our cultures are different in many respects. Yet it seemed that the best way forward, and potentially address the issue, would be to get involved.

Fast forward to September 2016 where I took up the presidency of this Society which had been mostly dormant from its creation. With the assistance of an active and driven executive, we successfully hosted two events during October. The movie night Belle – was a great first event and the level of discussion after on the similarities and differences of African and Caribbean culture was so enlightening. For instance:

  • When people hear an African accent, they ask are you from Ghana or Nigeria?
  • When people hear a West Indian accent, they ask are you from Jamaica (although to be fair, 8 out of 10 times I have been asked if I am American – and that is true of my other St. Lucian colleagues).

On October 27 we hosted a talk on ‘Employability in the 21st Century’ with Laurie-Anne Power,a well accomplished member of 25 Bedford Row. It was very well attended and specific tips were given concerning applications to chambers or magic circle firms. It was so rich that we went over the scheduled time by an entire hour. The Q&A session was very open and real- she truly made the dream seem attainable.

IMG-20161027-WA0003 (2).jpg




BPP ACS Executive – this team is beyond awesome!


Look out for updates on our major networking event in the first week in December.

The contents of this post are my personal views and is not to be taken as legal advice.



4 thoughts on “Black History – In One Month?

  1. The movie night was a great evening. I’m so glad to be a part of bringing the ACS back to life, as we honestly need this kind of representation as young black professionals – it is paramount. I would encourage anyone to join the ACS as it is a great opportunity to network and discover more about yourself and your culture. I would not have had an invitation to spend a fantastic night at the Google offices, where I made some solid contacts, had it not been for this society. Just one example of how students can benefit.

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