Crazy Faith | My Miracle | A little piece of ME!

I am a Christian.

Everything about me studying law right now needs to be understood from this one statement. My law journey started way before 2013 but the focus here is on the practical aspect (from 2013).

So I came across this photo today (while procrastinating of course, loads of reading await me – moot prep).

*sun-kissed! 2013/2014 – Vigie beach, St. Lucia.
‘you may hear it in my accent, the twang in my tongue, yes I come from a little island.’ Lyrics from – Avion Blackman – Third World Girl.

Anyway back to the photo – this was one day out of many weeks of depression, anxiety, embarrassment and utter confusion; I walked to the beach and as I appreciated nature in its fullness, I was offered a glimmer of hope.

See, the situation was I resigned from my well-paid accounting role and remained unemployed for an entire year. This was done because My GOD had specifically spoken to me, in 2012, that I would/should be studying Law at BPP University in London and that I would not have to pay for it (among other instructions including resignation of post).

Truth is HE did not need to share the part about not paying for it as I don’t come from a wealthy family and my bank accounts were enough proof of that.

This post will not go into all the happenings over that time or be concerned with timing of my actions. Rather, I want to share a little piece of me and ‘what lies behind/beneath’me – my GOD and my Faith – I am literally recklessly abandoned to HIS instructions.

I applied to that university over five intakes in a non-traditional way; appeal by emails to any contact I could find on their website, yes I did that! Please note I was fully aware there are no scholarships available to international students to study an LLB there.

In the church world we call it crazy faith – because it’s just that – but on a serious note, this exposure to risk completely changed my outlook on life and ability to make the most out of every opportunity.

And lo and behold, In February/March 2015, BCCC in collaboration with Rise offered 50 scholarships ONLY to St. Lucian nationals to study ONLY at BPP University – Full Tuition Scholarship! Now in the church world, we call that a miracle!

And the rest is NOT history as there was even greater struggle to secure funds to obtain the visa. But that’s all for this post.

By the way, I lived out of my suitcase until I left St. Lucia on June 11, 2015 – I was fully convinced it would happen. I remember my sister saying, ‘you’re always leaving soon’ – this had become my standard answer to everything. I even had a surprise farewell party in 2013 – thanks dance team!

I have met students who just stumbled upon this good fortune and there is nothing wrong with that. But today I wanted to encourage anyone who is still waiting on promises long long foretold – it is truly worth waiting on GOD!

And one more thing, yes you are meant to be grateful through the process but there will be days you will have to accept that- and I know most people say differently but guess what – it is ok to not be ok!

The support from my biological and church family cannot be quantified.

Some Big Changes coming to mylawjourneyblog next year and I am so excited and can’t wait to share with you. The focus will be shifting to include much more legal content; cases going through the Courts – as it happens!


I will continue to focus on ’employability skills’ as this is a major barrier to the legal profession for international students and students of less privileged backgrounds. I will seek to answer questions such as – What should I be doing at this stage and Where can I get assistance and gain work experience?

Has this blog assisted you in any way, whether you are a student or not, studying law or not? Which post has been your favorite?

Please let me know; leave your comments, like, share with your family and friends and remember  to subscribe!

This post is not to be taken as legal advice.

8 thoughts on “Crazy Faith | My Miracle | A little piece of ME!

  1. Inspirational! When God is for you who can be against you?? Let he who loves His name be joyful in Him and be in high spirits. God bless and prosper you love! All the best! Victory is yours always! xoxoxo

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  2. This inspired me. Faith and miracles.. depending on God brings out great rewards. I always saw you as a great person..and that’s exactly who you are becoming. Thank you your inspiration neive


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