National Prayer Breakfast

Pastor V 20170130_141912.jpg

It seems like yesterday when prayer filled the rooms at Cotton Bay Hotel as CLAS hosted its first National Prayer Breakfast. As usual it comes at a crucial time  in St. Lucia. The last event was classy and well attended as intercession was made over every sector of the island.

Having first hand knowledge of the plights of inner city children in Castries, this woman of action founded Children’s Literacy Action Support (CLAS) [formerly Children’s Literacy Action Program – CLAP]. She provides for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. The foundation aims to eventually broaden its scope to the entire island.

In 2013, the foundation launched the ‘Loraine Jolie Scholarship’ and as such sponsorship is always welcome.

Let us all play a part and at the ultimate least purchase a ticket.

Please feel free to leave all your questions here or contact Virgil Leonty on Facebook.


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