Case note: Did R v Jogee (Appellant) have any practical effect on the law of joint enterprise?

joint enterprise


When the law changes there is a presumed inherent shift in its applicability.

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Top Five Reasons Every Law Student Should Moot!

Mooting is the oral presentation of a legal issue or problem, against an opposing counsel which is executed through a simulated court hearing, (usually an appeal).

It is unlikely to find a Chamber or Law Firm that will not require a student to have mooted at least once. Prizes and awards are highly regarded and they also carry points in the initial shortlisting recruitment process (this may not be true for all Chambers and firms).


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‘Please give up this space if needed for a wheelchair user’

Case note: FirstGroup Plc (Respondent) v Paulley (Appellant) [2017] UKSC 4.

The driver on a bus has to take further steps than a mere request to give way to ensure a wheelchair user can get on. This seems obvious and fair enough until it is noted the request also applies to buggies occupying the space.

Facts of the case are a wheelchair user was left behind at a stop because the space, with the notice ‘Please give up this space if needed for a wheelchair user’, was occupied by a buggy with a sleeping baby.

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Pupillage Gateway

Gentle reminder that the dates for applications through the Pupillage Gateway has changed. The Pupillage Gateway for 2017 is officially open for Pupillage commencing 2018 – Pupillage Gateway .


The site is very user friendly so give yourself plenty of time to go through all the information contained there.

Notes to remember:

  1. All advertisements go through the Gateway but some Chambers do not recruit via the gateway. Consider the different dates for these Chambers.
  2. The deadline to submit is 7 February 2017, time is 11.00am.
  3. If you have not applied for a place on the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) for  Autumn 2017, the deadline is on 11 January 2017 – yes 2 days!.

All the best in your applications – do take time to read over 100 times!

Please share with anyone of interest.

The contents of this post should not be taken as legal advice.